KubeCon Austin Recap: Multiple Kubernetes Clusters in Hybrid Setups

KubeCon North America is the premier Kubernetes conference of the year. Even though the snow in Austin was more like Hamburg in December than the weather some of us packed for (we’ll bring an extra hoodie for Henrik next year), this was an event we were sure not to miss.

Sponsoring a startup booth gave us the chance to bring our Kubermatic Container Engine (K8c) and the famous Loodse hectopus to the US. Besides meeting and exchanging with potential customers and other attendees, Simon Pearce from cloud provider SysEleven went on stage with our CEO, Sebastian, to present how we worked with their cloud team to quickly and effectively build a Managed Kubernetes. This case study was also perfect to showcase the advantages of using Kubermatic’s Kubernetes on Kubernetes architecture to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Seeking a simpler Kubernetes experience? Check out their talk!

What you’ll learn:

  • Common challenges of running multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Key features for a container engine
  • Lessons learned from running multiple Kubernetes clusters

You’ll be surprised by

How running Kubernetes on Kubernetes makes a much more resilient system.

Where to learn more

SysEleven MetaKube Managed Kubernetes
Kubermatic Container Engine Documentation

Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele

Co-founder and CEO