KubeCon Seattle Recap

Since we were last in Seattle for KubeCon two years ago, the rainy weather hasn’t changed, but the Kubernetes community has undergone a drastic change. With 8,500 conference attendees and a waiting list of over 1,400 people, the tidal wave of Kubernetes has truly hit the shore of enterprise IT. To quote Forbes after the conference, “Kubernetes is here to stay, and will provide the overarching framework for how enterprises deploy their software infrastructure for years to come.”

We had a team of eight to cover the conference, but even that wasn’t nearly enough to catch everything. The whole Loodse team would like to thank all of the wonderful people contributing to the Kubernetes community, especially Nikhita for being honored with the “Chop Wood, Carry Water” award for the work she is doing to help maintain the community. With only a 13% acceptance rate for talks, we are proud that both Marko and Sebastian were among the many wonderful speakers at KubeCon. Marko (in his first talk ever in front of 1,300 people) talked about using KinD to spawn local Kubernetes clusters for CI test while Sebastian talked about using KubeVirt to deploy and manage VMs with Kubernetes (talks below). Every time slot had multiple talks we wanted to attend and, as always, Kelsey Hightower’s keynote was a highlight explaining how to become a 10x developer and work multicloud while still creating a great developer experience.

The breadth and variety of sponsors, from Apple to Yahoo, really speaks to the community that the CNCF has created around the whole cloud native ecosystem. This also lead to a packed conference floor. From when the conference opened at 7:30 AM (!!!) on Tuesday morning until it closed on Thursday, our booth received a torrent of people interested to learn how we run Kubernetes in Kubernetes.

The team also had a little time to escape the container craziness including team building making a jet-lagged pancake breakfast, hiking through the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and a visit to the Pike Place Market. We are already excited for KubeCon Barcelona and have many great ideas in store.

Seeking a consistent experience to deploy and manage any workload? Check out the KubeVirt talk below.

What you’ll learn

  • How to launch machines on any infrastructure with MachineController
  • How KubeVirt works to declaratively create VMs
  • How to migrate VMs across Kubernetes clusters

Where to learn more


Seeking an easy way to spin up a local Kubernetes cluster? Check out the KinD talk below.

What you’ll learn

  • How to run Kubernetes in Docker
  • How to run simple local integration tests

Where to learn more


Local Kubernetes deployment comparison

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Bill Mulligan

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