This is Our Story

The rapid uptake of cloud computing is quickly reshaping how IT is run. “Pets” that were once hard to raise have transformed into “cattle”, large numbers of nameless, easy-to-care-for machines...

This is Our Story

...Although we are very excited about the potential for cloud native technologies, like containers and Kubernetes, to transform software development and operations, the reality is that Kubernetes clusters have become the new “pets”: Hard to set up, maintain, and replace.

That’s why we founded Loodse. Our goal is to help businesses run their container-based infrastructure as cattle with instances that are easy to deploy, operate, and dispose of, regardless of location or scale.

Loodse is Platt, an ancient language embodying the sea, for the maritime pilot that ensures every ship's safe landing in the harbour, through rough seas and dangerous sandbanks. A mission critical expert without whom ships would be lost. With our Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform and incredible team, we will guide you safely on your cloud native voyage.

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